chettinad potato gravy

Chettinad recipes has some magic in them...They make us to come back again and again for them...(Law of Attraction) This potato curry is not an authentic chettinad type, but has some of its magic hidden in it.Now lets go to the recipe. Ingredients: 2 potatoes, boiled,peeled and diced ( discard the water to reduces gas… Continue reading chettinad potato gravy

SweetCorn Pulao

If you are lazy to cook,but very hungry, yet want a delicious meal....then definitely try this.My kids favourite rice,this one.Since i prepared for my kids,i added mimimum spices and chillies.If you want it to be more hot and spicy,you can increase the quantity of chillies and seasoning spices. Ingredients: 1 cup Basmathi rice 2 onions,sliced… Continue reading SweetCorn Pulao

Chettinad chicken kozhambu

Chettinad recipes.... Let it be vegetarian or non veg, they never disappoint you.I'm always like, "when in doubt,prefer chettinad". Their food,houses, jewels, customs, sarees.... everything stay unique and magnificient. So, Yeah! Yesterday,the lunch menu at my house was rice with chettinad kozhambu(curry/gravy, any name you like) and kadai chicken. Kadai chicken little mokka.But, trust me,the… Continue reading Chettinad chicken kozhambu

Beetroot Halwa

Friday..... So definitely,obviously,compulsorily i make sweet...First thing,i offer it in pooja and Second, to celebrate the beginning of another weekend.yay.... Come on,Let's Celebrate.... Ingredients 250g beetroot, finely grated 150g sugar 2tbsp ghee 1 cup full cream milk 3 elachi,crushed 2tsp vanilla essence(secret ingredient) a pinch of salt Now let spread the Take a heavy… Continue reading Beetroot Halwa

minions pasta in creamy chicken sauce

These pastas in minions shape made our breakfast time really a fun time today.My kids discused a lot of stuffs, classroom humors, bla,bla... enjoyed a lot and obviously this pasta recipe was an ultimate hit. A simple but yummy delicious recipe this is. white cream sauce: 1 tbsp all purpose flour 1tbsp butter a cup… Continue reading minions pasta in creamy chicken sauce